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New Amsterdam Records is a 21st-century non-profit record label that serves artists and audiences by developing, presenting, and representing adventurous new music that does not adhere to traditional genre boundaries. Our artistic directors, staff, and board are deeply committed to the development of sustainable careers for our unique and visionary artists. From specialized booking, publicity, and distribution, to project funding support, NewAm has built customized infrastructure to help post-genre musicians navigate today’s mercurial musical marketplace. We endeavor to serve as a conduit between our musicians and the public, broadening audiences and promoting a wider awareness of our artists’ music with an open embrace of the latest technological and cultural trends. New Amsterdam Records has been called “emblematic of an emerging generation” (New York Times) and “the focal point of the post-classical scene” (Time Out New York), and has been praised for "making a nice little tradition out of breaking tradition" (Newsweek). “Few organizations have done more to shape 21st-century music in New York City“ (Time Out New York). 


Unlike the traditional label model, NewAm allows artists to retain full ownership of their recordings and pays 100% of sales directly to the artists in exchange for an administrative fee. By forgoing any incentivized income, we are able to develop, distribute, and publicize our albums as a non-profit organization. This configuration allows us to operate as a 360º artist service organization, with support extending past album production and presentation into artist branding and broader career development. In order to build grassroots support for our world of music across the globe, we recently created a direct audience-to-artist onsite fundraising platform, which, in four short months, has raised over $15,000 for various projects.


In the ten years since we launched New Amsterdam, we've seen incredible changes in the music industry. In 2008, 80% of album sales were from physical CD purchases, and 20% were from online downloads. That split soon reversed, and over the past few years digital downloads have plummeted. Streaming traffic has continued to grow, but with streaming royalty rates so infinitesimally meager, streaming income accounts for only a small fraction of the income earned by physical and digital sales in previous years. After a near-decade of supporting over eighty-five uncompromising, unclassifiable, award-winning albums in a rapidly changing marketplace, it became clear to us that public support is essential for this music to survive. With recorded-music revenue for all but the most visible popular music disappearing, composers and performers of adventurous music need a different mechanism to receive support from their fans. New Amsterdam Records provides that mechanism via our appeal to you, the generous admirers and supporters of their visionary music. 

Please consider a tax-deductible donation to New Amsterdam Records. Any amount helps further our cause, and is deeply appreciated. 



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New Amsterdam would like to thank the generous support from the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.

New Amsterdam would like to thank the generous support from the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.