The vast majority of our projects develop out of person-to-person relationships, emerging from our NY-based community of classically-trained musicians. If you wish to send us a project for consideration, please post audio files online and send a link (no email attachments, yousendit, or hardcopies please), along with any pertinent information

Uploaded files should be from the proposed project. Please do not email staff members directly for submission inquiries. All submissions are subject to review by an independent artistic advisory committee, a process that is tied to a specific schedule and is lengthy by its nature. When new projects are accepted, that acceptance is usually up to 18 months ahead of the album’s eventual release. Unfortunately, due to the volume of projects submitted to the label, we are not able to respond directly to each submission. We understand the care and craftsmanship that go into each submission we receive and we pledge to be thoughtful and thorough in our consideration. We greatly appreciate your interest in the label and your patience in this process. Due to the fact that we only release 8-10 albums a year, we are not able to represent many projects that meet with our mission. Whenever possible, we try to refer projects to other possible outlets of representation.

New Amsterdam Records is dedicated first and foremost to representing mixed-genre music by trained composers and performers – an emerging genre-less form of music that currently has no concrete representation in the music marketplace. To better serve this purpose, New Amsterdam does not release work that has been previously commercially recorded or is specifically tied to one genre. Moving forward, we are looking to release albums of sophisticated composed music that have the continuity and thematic consistency of pop albums, recorded in a style comparable to pop records. As a label, we aim to avoid live performance-oriented or demo-oriented classical releases designed to replicate concerts of disparate pieces, or to solicit performance and/or commission opportunities. Our albums are intended to exist both on record and on stage as fluid set-length works of art – not unlike “concept” albums – and the live presentation of our albums both in New York and beyond is integral to our plan. Due to our specific interests, we prefer to work hand-in-hand with ensembles or performers with their projects, assisting in the solicitation and development of material, overseeing graphical elements, and formulating individualized publicity campaigns. In general, we tend to work most with projects in their later stages of musical development, functioning as a “finish line” of sorts for projects. We do not “sign” artists in a conventional sense, instead working exclusively on a project-to-project basis. New Amsterdam releases only 8-10 albums a year (though we certainly would wish to release many more), preferring to focus our full energy and resources into each project we endorse.