Roomful of Teeth's MASSMoCA residency

Vocal octet Roomful of Teeth is interested in the places where the human voice is stretched to extremes: Intuit throat singing, Korean p’ansori, yodeling
— Pitchfork

Roomful of Teeth is aiming to raise $60,000 to support their 2017 MASS MoCA residency. Each year, they return to their “farm,” the explosively-creative contemporary art museum in North Adams, MA, to grow more creative work and bring more genre-bending vocal beauty into the world. Last summer they studied death metal singing techniques with the brilliant and versatile singer/composer Androo O’Hearne (Shaolin Death Squad), and Androo returns to us this summer as a composer. They will have the great honor of working with the matriarch of American choral singing, Alice Parker (b. 1925). Parker's arrangements for Robert Shaw’s famed choirs have helped elevate American folk songs, hymns, and spirituals to their proper place in the music pantheon and she has continued to compose, arrange and conduct into her tenth decade.  

In addition, they will be putting finishing touches on several exciting projects at this year’s residency: works by San Fermin’s Ellis Ludwig-Leone, William Brittelle, Toby Twining and Nick Zammuto.

Roomful of Teeth will continue to explore the realm of the vocal unimaginable this summer - please help fund their vital work at this year’s MASS MoCA residency.