NOW AVAILABLE: Robbie Lee and Mary Halvorson's "Seed Triangular"


Seed Triangular

first collaborative album from
Robbie Lee and Mary Halvorson

New Amsterdam Records is excited to announce the release of Seed Triangular, the first collaborative album from adventurous multi-instrumentalist Robbie Lee and virtuosic guitarist Mary Halvorson. The album is now available in digital, CD and LP formats on Bandcamp and other outlets.

Instruments played on Seed Triangular:

Mary Halvorson: 18-string Knutsen harp guitar circa 1899, 1930 Gibson L-2 guitar, 1888 SS Stewart 6-string banjo

Robbie Lee: Baroque flutes after Eichentopf and Quantz by Stefan Beck, 1829 8-key flute by Rudall and Rose, chalumeau (Renaissance clarinet), soprillo saxophone, melodica, bells

Seed Triangular tracklisting:

1. The Booming WATCH TRAILER
2. Seven of Strong
3. Pondeteria
4. A Forest Viol
5. The Tawny Orange
6. sing o-gurgle-ee this evening
7. Shoots Have Shot
8. Rock Flowers
9. Spring Up There
10. the stuttering note of probably
11. Fireproof-brick dust
12. Potamogeton
13. like a ripple made by the wind
14. Early Willows