PRESS RELEASE: NOW AVAILABLE: Invisible Anatomy's debut album "Dissections"



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Invisible Anatomy

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Album Release Show:

featuring live performance of album,
with Lisel opening

Sunday, Apr. 15 - 7:30pm
LPR Presents at Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 2
New York, NY

New Amsterdam Records is proud to announce the release of Dissections, the debut album from composer-performer ensemble Invisible Anatomy and now streaming/available for purchase via Bandcamp.

The ensemble will celebrate the record release on Sunday, April 15 at NYC's Rockwood Music Hall as part of the LPR: Presents series. The show will feature Lisel (the recording project of Eliza Bagg) opening, and Invisible Anatomy will perform five works by the group’s members. The concert is the third in a series of events co-presented by New Amsterdam and (Le) Poisson Rouge throughout 2018, marking the 10th anniversary of the two organizations, both born with the mission to elevate the new music community.

A New York-based composer-performer ensemble that explores the human body as the most fundamental aspect of music creation and performance, Invisible Anatomy incorporates elements from classical, jazz, experimental rock, performance art and theater, to create performances that combine an omnivorous stylistic palate, virtuosic physicality, and dramatic visual presentation. Dissections is an album of works that premiered at National Sawdust in 2016, featuring six works created by the group's members from a collaboratively generated text and numerous workshops.

Dissections explores intimacy and the potentially damaging experience of being vulnerable with others, but also the beautiful and unexpected results that can happen when that risk is taken. The close-knit group has experienced this first-hand, collectively and individually working through health issues, conflict, distance and more, and baring themselves to each other during the process. The pieces on Dissections reflect the deconstruction and reconstruction inherent in peeling away human surfaces.

Each piece on Dissections fixates on one element of a musical phrase or text, repeating — or dissecting — it until it becomes unrecognizable. Vocalist Fay Wang's piece "Facial Polygraph XVIA" is a poetic study of facial expressions, dissecting tics, "tells," and subtle changes of emotions. Guitarist Brendon Randall-Myers's songs "Permission" and "Othering" focus explicitly on the discomfort and dangers of opening up to someone — navigating difference and similarity, and the disconnect between who we imagine people to be and who they actually are. Musically, the pieces attempt to capture a feeling of beautiful discomfort in being pulled apart, splitting rock-derived phrases across multiple instruments playing at different tempos.

Cellist Ian Gottlieb’s two-movement piece, "Threading Light", symbolizes the piano as flesh and the cello, guitar and vibraphone as the knife, teasing strands of notes out of decadent chords. Pianist Paul Kerekes's piece "Pressing Issues" explores the constant shuffling of small musical gestures into a kaleidoscopic listening experience.

Pianist Dan Schlosberg’s piece "A Demonstration" is inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s relentless examinations of human cadavers in search of the human soul, exploring every facet of man he could think of along the way. Fittingly, the pieces features players coaxing sounds from the strings of a grand piano through inflictions from screwdrivers and knives, in a sense exploring a familiar body in new ways.

Invisible Anatomy  Clockwise from left:  Daniel Schlosberg , piano;  Fay Wang , voice;  Ian Gottlieb , cello;  Paul Kerekes , piano;  Brendon Randall-Myers , guitar;  Benjamin Wallace , percussion

Invisible Anatomy
Clockwise from left: Daniel Schlosberg, piano; Fay Wang, voice;
Ian Gottlieb, cello; Paul Kerekes, piano; Brendon Randall-Myers, guitar; Benjamin Wallace, percussion

Invisible Anatomy is: Ian Gottlieb, cello; Paul Kerekes, piano/keyboards; Brendon Randall-Myers, guitars; Daniel Schlosberg, piano/keyboards; Benjamin Wallace, percussion; Fay Wang, vocals.

Dissections was recorded at Oktaven Audio in Mt. Vernon, NY by Ryan Streber, with additional recording by William Gardiner at Turtle Sound in Brooklyn, NY. The album was mixed and mastered by William Gardiner with additional mixing by Ryan Streber. Album artwork for Dissections was created by John Moore, with layout and design by Jordan Kasten-Krause.

William Gardiner provided additional arrangements and electronics on tracks 1, 6, and 7.