PRESS RELEASE: NOW AVAILABLE: New Releases from Padma Newsome


Padma Newsome's

The Vanity of trees

le creature nel giardino di Lady Walton

new sonic-essays from acclaimed composer, multi-instrumentalist, and vocalist

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New Amsterdam is excited to announce the release of The Vanity of trees and le creature nel giardino di Lady Walton, the latest releases from Padma Newsome -- acclaimed Australia-based composer, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, conductor, arranger, and frequent collaborator of bands such as The National and Clogs. Out today, The Vanity of trees is available in digital
and CD formats
, and le creature nel giardino di Lady Walton is available exclusively through New Amsterdam's Windmill Series.

The Vanity of trees is a sonic essay inspired by the landscape of Padma Newsome’s home of the past 14 years, Mallacoota, Australia. The small town of about 1000 people sits along an inlet of the Tasman Sea in the far eastern corner of Victoria, along the edge of wild sea and forest. “Beauty and a stifling harshness exudes: a seeming wonderland of internal rarefied struggle,” Newsome says of the landscape, where he lives a lifestyle of reflection and seclusion.

Newsome constructs a warm sonic world that explores the woods that envelope his life in the country, including the character-filled trees that have become his closest neighbors and the life they support -- Koalas, Lyrebirds, King Parrots, Wombats, Possums, Goannas, and sporadic humans and households. In addition, the record looks at the isolationism and toughness in remote country, the desolation that emerges and destroys families and lives.
le creature nel giardino di Lady Walton is the inspiration behind Clogs' release, "The Creatures in the Garden of Lady Walton" (Brassland, 2010). Scored for six bass clarinets, the music features performances by his sister Sue Newsome, and is available through New Amsterdam’s digital-only, subscription-based Windmill Series, with full release forthcoming.