New Amsterdam is proud to announce a new educational initiative launching in 2017 - the Composer’s Lab. A revolving masterclass/workshop for emerging/early career composers, the lab is designed as an add-on to formal compositional training, and will focus on helping its attendees navigate the challenges and opportunities of the current musical landscape. Each lab will be led by an artist from the New Amsterdam roster, and will feature a fluid mix of prepared lectures, composition masterclasses, and career guidance. The initial round of Labs will take place via Zoom in order to diversify attendance and make the program available to students throughout the world. Subsequent Labs may include in-person meetings, and attendees will be asked to review their fellow students music, present new music regularly, and participate in weekly discussions. 

Through its Composer’s Lab initiative, New Amsterdam hopes to help foster a renewed sense of community and connection between today’s younger post-genre composers and musicians. By connecting attendees with both NewAm composers and like-minded emerging composers from different locales, the program provides a robust support group for navigating a complex, extremely demanding industry.

The first edition of New Amsterdam’s Composer’s Lab will be lead by NewAm co-founder and Mannes Conservatory faculty member William Brittelle. The Lab will feature weekly lectures on Post-Genre philosophy, listening suggestions, explorations of Brittelle’s music, and group discussion of the attendees' work. The Lab includes concepts developed in Brittelle’s Mannes courses “Survey of Post-Genre Music” and “Exploring the Ethos of Punk”

Lab #1 lecturer: NewAm co-founder William Brittelle

Lab #1 lecturer: NewAm co-founder William Brittelle

Post-Genre Lab #2

Post-Genre Lab #1