Pat Muchmore


PAT MUCHMORE is a composer, cellist, and founder of New York’s renegade punk-chamber group Anti-Social Music. He has studied with John Corigliano, David del Tredici, David Olan and Carolyn Bremer, and received a PhD from the City University of New York Graduate Center after acceptance of his dissertation “Humanity and Mechanicity in the Music of Nine Inch Nails.”  Anti-Social Music recorded an album of his music entitled Fracture: The Music of Pat Muchmore which a Stanford Radio review described as “really crunchy, a kick in the balls – great stuff.”  Pat has received awards from Meet The Composer, CUNY and The Copland Fund. His piece “Brennschluß” is featured on Newspeak’s acclaimed NewAm debut, Sweet Light Crude.

Of his music, Time Out Chicago states:  ’The chaos lies somewhere between John Zorn’s Naked City skronk and a nightmarish noir score, a little bit organ-grinder meet meat grinder. But there’s more to this than wild, antagonizing dissonance. Muchmore…has a fine ear for detail.’