Jacob Taswell

Taswell Headshot_B&W square.jpg

JACOB TASWELL is a Washington, D.C.-based composer and producer making music that draws from across genres. His music opens private spaces of possibility in an externally-focused world. Taswell works primarily in the non-performative, individually-experienced medium of recorded sound, combining sound processing of acoustic and electronic sources with rigorous structuring and rhythmic patterning. In balancing these techniques, he envisions music that is at once atmospheric and driving, familiar and far-reaching, clarifying and destabilizing.

In 2019, as the result of a long effort to consider his sound, composition process, and artistic goals, Taswell will release the EP Jamais Vu on New Amsterdam Records. Two years before, he launched a solo project called Altered Axiom, composing, producing, and self-releasing the full-length album Insulation Kit and directing a theatrical production based on the album. Insulation Kit was Taswell’s first major production effort and an initial foray into electro-acoustic music.

Taswell grew up in suburban Maryland, where he studied jazz piano and also played guitar, saxophone, and drum set at various points. He studied composition at Yale College with Konrad Kaczmarek and Kathryn Alexander. After college, he studied with William Brittelle in New Amsterdam Records’ first-ever Composers Lab.