Andrea Mazzariello


ANDREA MAZZARIELLO is a composer, performer, writer, and teacher. His music thinks through the physiology of performance in terms of instrumental technique, often extended through technological intervention, and pays special attention to the treatment and setting of his own original text, spoken and sung. 

He’s active as a solo performer of his own work, for a novel and evolving instrumental setup, and has presented in such diverse venues as the Knitting Factory, Cakeshop, the Queens New Music Festival, and the Wassaic Summer Festival. Sō Percussion, Mobius Percussion, NOW Ensemble, Newspeak,  the Berkshire Symphony, and many others have performed his concert music. Recordings of his work appear on New Amsterdam Records and SEAMUS.

In 2011, he completed his Ph.D. in music composition at Princeton University, writing on the vinyl resurgence and its connection to our ideas of physicality and abstraction in music analysis. He holds an M.M. from the University of Michigan and graduated magna cum laude from Williams College with degrees in music and english. 

Andrea joined the faculty of the Princeton Writing Program in 2010, where he taught several first-year writing seminars, including "Music and Power" and  "Found Sound," through spring 2015. As adjunct professor in the production program at Ramapo College of New Jersey's School of Contemporary Arts, he taught beginning and intermediate electronic and computer music.  He currently teaches composition, music technology, and music fundamentals as assistant professor of music at Carleton College, and directs the composition program at the Sō Percussion Summer Institute. His first book, One More Revolution, was published by The Operating System in early 2018.