William Brittelle's Spiritual America with Wye Oak

William Brittelle's Spiritual America with Wye Oak

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Spiritual America is a series of electro-acoustic orchestral art songs that explores issues of secular spirituality in American culture through the personal lens of love, loss, youth, and longing. The project is being created in collaboration with the Alabama Symphony, the North Carolina Symphony, The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra's Liquid Music Series, Walker Art Center, and The Baltimore Symphony, and features, at its core, a collaboration with the indie rock duo Wye Oak, who will contribute vocals and percussion throughout. The show itself will consist of two separate halves, the first featuring music from Wye Oak’s new album Shriek (out on Merge in April 2014), recomposed for orchestra, including new material created specifically for this project. The second half will feature a series of songs that composed by William Brittelle for Wye Oak plus orchestra.

The Spiritual America trailer was filmed on location on the frozen surface of Canopus Lake in Fahnestock State Park in upstate New York during a snowstorm. Choreography and dance is by Katherine Helen Fisher. The trailer was filmed and directed by Stephen S. Taylor


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