Corey Dargel


COREY DARGEL is an Austin-based composer and singer-songwriter whose gentle assault on pop and classical idioms creates a tension that pervades his music. The New Yorker calls Dargel “a baroquely unclassifiable” composer “of ingenious nouveau art songs.” Minnesota Public Radio singles him out as “a wonderfully difficult artist to define.” According to the New York Times, “Dargel [is] one of the more original and consistently provocative artists pushing at the margins of modern classical music and adventurous pop.” New York magazine says, “His ghostly baritone, precise delivery, and transfixing stage presence transform his performances into intimate plumbings of the audience’s psyche.”

Dargel’s most recent commercial album, Someone Will Take Care of Me (2010, New Amsterdam Records), is a double-CD set of song cycles adapted from his critically acclaimed music-theater pieces about hypochondria and voluntary amputation. WNYC’s New Sounds deems the album “a brilliant collection,” and in New Music Box, Frank J. Oteri writes, “Dargel is doing much more than writing extremely well-crafted songs. He is creating larger arcs of meaning, both musically and lyrically.”

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