Without Chasms William Brittelle



release date: February 12, 2018

release date: February 12, 2018

Without Chasms is the latest multimedia EP from composer and New Amsterdam Records co-founder William Brittelle, released exclusively through the New Amsterdam Records Bandcamp Subscription Series.

The project features music by Brittelle and video/art by deep web artist S/CK F/SH, that premiered at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art in 2016. It was presented by Infinite Palette, a curatorial collective dedicated to the development and presentation of composed electro-acoustic music formed by Brittelle and Daniel Wohl with Liquid Music curator-producer Kate Nordstrum. The Without Chasms EP was mixed and produced by electronic musician and sound artist Michael Hammond of No Lands.

William Brittelle on Without Chasms:
“Without Chasms marks my first electronic release. The EP was inspired by the concept of ‘The Void,’ or nothingness. Specifically, the emotions and disorientation that arises from encountering ‘The Void,’ whether through meditation, "medication", or extreme emotional distress/elation. My own experiences approaching The Void have been marked by a somewhat disconcerting sense of interconnectedness, and inability to differentiate between things, and an overwhelming sense that reality is simply a casual network of abstract energy and emotion - hence the title, Without Chasms.”


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