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release date: January 8, 2008

release date: January 8, 2008

itsnotyouitsme was formed in Harlem, NYC in 2003 by Eastman School of Music students Grey McMurray and Caleb Burhans. In order to create a large sound with duo’s stripped-down instrumentation, they use looping devices, which play a significant role in performance as well as in the compositional process. Along with their own material, itsnotyouitsme has performed works by composers ranging from J.S. Bach to Philip Glass.

Their New Amsterdam debut album walled gardens was released in 2008 and soon after called “gently mesmerizing stuff regardless of category” and praised widely for its unique sound and eclectic range of influences. Allan Kozinn of The New York Times, who listed the album as one of the best of 2008, found a variety pop homages, including “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds,” early Pink Floyd, and “the melancholy beauty of [Nick] Drake’s early-1970′s folk-tinged pop” in the piece “a moment for nick drake.” The Very Short List has placed the album’s “humane” and “lush and evocative” quality at the intersection of Radiohead, Pink Floyd, and Eno’s Music for Airports Vol. 1., and poetically described the listening experience “as if all the sensory distractions were removed from your perception one by one until only the sound of your own mind remained.” The album was also featured in the “brilliant lowbrow” quadrant of the New York Magazine Approval Matrix.


  1. throne built for the past

  2. great day

  3. a moment for nick drake

  4. we are malleable, even though they seem to own us