Until My Last
Jordan Munson



Until My Last is the new album from Indianapolis-based composer, performer, and multimedia artist Jordan Munson. Out May 11, the record is available exclusively through New Amsterdam’s Bandcamp subscriptionSubscribe today to receive the album.

Until My Last collects three works written over the course of the past three years. In creating the music on the album, Munson drew on his backgrounds in sound design, improvisation, and pop music. With the focused hand of an engineer, Munson fuses together textural electronics with jarring moments of melodic clarity, creating an immersive and starkly emotional listening experience.
Opening work “Anew”—co-written with composer/vocalist Hanna Benn (Son LuxBOOTS)—pairs triumphant vocal fanfare with darkly visceral industrial rhythms, while title track “Until My Last” presents a furiously urgent piano performance (played by Munson himself) in counterpoint with a bed of processed music box tones.  “Where Light Escapes You,” the shortest of the three works, acts as something of a palette cleanser in the middle of the album, filtering the delicate percussion work of Alex Wier through Munson’s kaleidoscopic electronics.