The Mend Michi Wiancko & Judd Greenstein



release date: August 30, 2015

release date: August 30, 2015

The Mend is an acidic comic drama from writer/director John Magary, featuring a striking original score by violinist/composer Michi Wiancko and keyboardist/composer (and New Amsterdam co-Artistic Director) Judd Greenstein. To mark the occasion of the film's opening in August 2015, New Amsterdam offers a free download of Wiancko and Greenstein’s “bracingly modernist” (MoMA) score, which has been among the most talked-about independent film music of 2015.

The Mend stars Josh Lucas and Stephen Plunkett as a mismatched yin-yang pair of NYC brothers, following them as they stagger dimly towards some understanding of love, women, masculinity and brotherhood. Collaborating on their first feature-length film score, Wiancko and Greenstein built a trenchant, varied musical world around themes of family tension and existential dread. Playing often like a psychologically-rooted “counterpoint to the film’s existential funk” (Wall Street Journal), the score, composed for strings, keyboard, and woodwinds (performed by yMusic’s Hideaki Aomori), “suggests at all moments that any minor peace might unravel into violence” (The Village Voice). Meticulously produced and mixed by Wiancko, the score stands on its own as a lush, cohesive listening experience.

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  1. Opening

  2. Free pile

  3. Little Bo Peep

  4. Nomad

  5. You Got a Hairball

  6. The R Train

  7. The Hudson

  8. Central Park

  9. Look at me

  10. Closing