Small Works Brooks Frederickson



Small Works is from Durham-based composer Brooks Frederickson. The record is available exclusively through New Amsterdam’s Bandcamp subscription as part of the Windmill Series, a new digitally-focused set of releases for subscribers in addition to our regular release schedule. Subscribe today to receive the album, which was released on all other platforms November 16.

Composer Brooks Frederickson’s debut album Small Works is a snapshot of the community of collaborators Brooks lived and worked with in Brooklyn. The community includes some of the leading contemporary music interpreters of today: Ashley Bathgate (Bang on a Can All Stars), Eliza Bagg (Pavo Pavo), all three members of Bearthoven (Matt Evans, Karl Larson, Pat Swoboda), Exceptet, Longleash, and Brendon Randall-Myers (Invisible Anatomy / Marateck). Small Works comes from not only the small forces needed for each piece, but also from the small amount of material that acts as the germ for each piece.

The album includes premiere recordings of four of Brooks' chamber works written between 2014-2017. This group of pieces, some of which have been presented by MATA, premiered at Le Poisson Rouge and presented as a part of So Percussion's Brooklyn Bound series, show Brooks' interest in building musical worlds out of limited materials.

The works were recorded at Oktaven Audio by Ryan Streber and Guilford Sound by Dave Snyder. The recordings have been edited, mixed and mastered by Ryan Streber at Oktaven Audio.

Track listing:

1. Lag
Exceptet: Chuck Furlong clarinet, David A. Nagy bassoon, Evan Honse trumpet, Matt Melore trombone, Mark Utley percussion, Sarah Goldfeather violin, Pat Swoboda upright bass

Song Cycle:
    2: Here we are
    3: Jaws will shut
    4: I’m sitting in the corner
    5: Dream (Christmas Tree)
    6: I stood outside
Texts by Ben Seretan
Eliza Bagg soprano, Karl Larson piano, Brendon Randall-Myers electric guitar, Ashley Bathgate cello
7. Colorfast
Longleash: Pala Garcia violin, John Popham cello, Renate Rohlfing digital keyboard controlling Dan Trueman’s bitKlavier
8. My life in a truck
Brendon Randall-Myers electric guitar, Matt Evans percussion