Outlanders Ted Hearne



release date: January 15, 2016

release date: January 15, 2016

Written and recorded over the course of the past eight years, Outlanders is a collection of songs from Ted Hearne written for some of his favorite New York musicians. The lyrics are taken from the poetry Meghan Deans and Frank O'Hara, and by Hearne himself. In addition, four interludes (three remixes and one live improvisation) by composers Leah Coloff, Taylor Levine, Philip White, and Daniel Wohl tie the album together. 

In Hearne's characteristic compositional voice, these songs are bold yet intricately layered. They comprise a collage work of contrasting textures and styles, ranging from the rock ballad (Protection) to the synthy (I Mean Well), from the intimate (I Want Never) to the orchestral(Is It Dirty) to the downright operatic (359 Each Time). 

The album is a truly collaborative effort, with lyrics by Meghan Deans and Ted Hearne (along with a setting of Frank O'Hara's 1965 poem Song), guest vocals from Bill Carson, Nathan Koci and Leah Coloff, and a showcase of instrumental virtuosity (from Miki Cloud's bluegrass-tinged violin on Shame Campaign, Nathan Koci's sinewy accordion on I Want Never, and Timo Andres' and Ron Wiltrout's thorny interlocking piano/drums duet on 359 Each Time.) 

Four interludes (three mixes and one live improvisation) by composer/performers Leah Coloff, Taylor Levine, Philip White and Daniel Wohl tie the album together.


  1. We didn't know

  2. Ambitioning

  3. I want never

  4. Seventeen [Philip White]

  5. Is it dirty

  6. Dirty to love [Leah Coloff]

  7. Protection

  8. How it goes [Taylor Levine]

  9. Shame campaign

  10. I mean well

  11. Heartened [Daniel Wohl]

  12. 359 Each Time