On In Love Craig Wedren & Jefferson Friedman



release date: May 27, 2014

release date: May 27, 2014

On In Love is the long-awaited collaborative effort from Craig Wedren, Jefferson Friedman, and ACME.

The album was named #4 on Rhapsody's Top 25 Classical Albums of 2014, and was also commended as "a beguiling record that is bound to stay in listening rotation for a good while" (NewMusicBox), and an "ambitious, multi-part concept album" (Magnet Magazine). In addition, the lead single "Tarrying" was praised by A.V. Club as "delicate and dynamic" and "justly theatrical."

For On In Love, Wedren handled the lyrical content while Friedman composed all of the music. The songs were produced at Studio G, Brooklyn. On In Love stands on its own with its unique, otherworldly perspective on melody, rhythm and genre, but the emotions evoked during a listen are all too familiar. At once knotty and catchy, inventive and intuitive, these songs are built for engaged listening.

"On In Love is pop music from an as-yet-undiscovered planet and/or tells an alternate history from the moment violins went one way and guitars the other," the artists said about the project. "It's about the state of being in love, with "love" as a placeholder for god, pride, family, addiction, war, sex, death and pain."

"Working with Jefferson on On In Love was the creative equivalent of the coolest babysitter giving you free reign to all the secret rooms in your house that your parents forbid you to use," Wedren said about his experience. "Total permission, with a healthy dose of fear and dizzying exhilaration. Which is the way we both like it."

About his introduction to his songwriting partner, Friedman said, "Craig and I first met in 1998 when Shudder To Think was looking for a keyboardist/backup vocalist for what turned out sadly to be their final tour. Getting to play with my favorite band was a dream come true for my 24-year-old self, and finding a kindred spirit in Craig was even better."


  1. Tarrying

  2. Fight Song (Show Them The Floor)

  3. Famous Planets

  4. The Well

  5. WARZ

  6. Refuse To Die

  7. Eat Flowers

  8. Glacier

  9. Famous Planets (Acoustic)