Islandia Daniel Elms



release date: March 15, 2019

release date: March 15, 2019

Islandia is the new album from UK-based composer and performer Daniel Elms. The record is available exclusively through New Amsterdam’s Bandcamp subscription as part of the Windmill Series: a digitally-focused set of releases for subscribers in addition to our existing release schedule. Subscribe today to receive the album and exclusive access to the remix of the album's enchanting and final work "Bethia". The album was released on all digital platforms June 21 2019, along with limited edition heavyweight vinyl (with risograph poster insert) and CD.

Electroacoustic urban pictures. Created from bold, geometric patterns, and intricate orchestral textures fused to post-industrial soundscapes. Daniel Elms' distinctive music elicits total immersion into its intimate, emotive and abstracted commentaries on humanist, social and progressive subjects.

The album "Islandia" is compiled of five works for chamber orchestra, electric guitar, synthesisers and found sounds. Each of the five works ruminate upon the post-industrial coastal towns and people of North East England. The album was first sketched at the former home of Imogen Holst in Autumn 2015 and was recorded at Abbey Road Studios in June 2017.

Track listing:

  1. Islandia

  2. The Old Declarn

  3. Soft Machines

  4. North Sea Quartet

  5. Bethia (Live)

  6. Bethia (Remix)

Music Composed & Mixed by Daniel Elms
Trumpet · Christian Barraclough
Percussion · Jonathan French
Electric Guitar & Synthesizers · Daniel Elms
Synthesizer · Emily Blackledge*
Piano · Tomas Klement
Piano · Craig White*
Carillon · Mark Keith*
Tenor · Paul Bentley-Angell*
Tenor · Ashley Turnell*
Bass-Bariton · Simon Gallear*
Bass · Thomas Flint*
Violin 1 · Tereza Privatska
Violin 2 · Julia Loucks
Viola · Tom Hankey
Cello · Adam Szabo
Visuals · David Briggs*

Recorded at Abbey Road Studios, June 25th 2017
Recording Engineer · Toby Hulbert
Assistant Recording Engineer · Matt Jones
Mastered at Air Studios
Mastering Engineer · Cicely Balston

Artwork · Joe Cox
Landscape Photography · Stewart Baxter
Concert Photography · Nick West
Album Notes · Elizabeth Alker
Publisher · Music Sales Group

Special Thanks
Tim Steves · Thomas Walker · British Film Institute
Naomi Belshaw · Vanessa Reed · PRS Foundation
Rupert Coulson · Adam Blyth · Dave Foster
Will Rice · Sophia Victoria · Yorkshire Film Archive

* performing on "Bethia" only