!BlurMyEyes Aaron Roche



release date: July 31, 2012

release date: July 31, 2012

!BlurMyEyes is the lush song-cycle from composer, performer, and multi-instrumentalist Aaron Roche.  Described by the artist as “a sort of musical study in ceremony,” the EP reflects a vision that is both sweepingly ambitious in scope and refreshingly unpretentious. Roche manages to weave together threads of classical composition, lo-fi drone, psych-folk, noise and R&B into a singular emotional statement. The album features a number of musical collaborators, including the prolificR. Stevie Moore (with whom Roche regularly tours) as well as world-renowned composer/musician Shahzad Ismaily.

!BlurMyEyes opens with “Death Is All Around”, a slow burner that introduces Roche’s easygoing vocals up against the stirring, soaring voice of gospel singer Yolanda Moore. Gentle horns and subtle sound textures follow on “Etude” before Roche eases into “Trash,” a garbage-strewn vision of the Florida Everglades featuring Nashville legend Patty Lemay (Spiritual Family Reunion). “Wafflehouse” draws its inspiration from Gabriel Fauré’s setting of the Roman Catholic Mass for the Dead as heard through the weary ears of a waitress at 2AM. This mystic vision leads us into the album’s title track, “!BlurMyEyes”, which blends euphonious symphonic music with discordant juxtapositions of harsh noise.

The EP closes with “Cyclocardoray”—a word invented by Roche that mystically protects against tornadoes, heart attacks, and all things terrifying. An airy swirl of psych-folk, sailing strings and R. Stevie Moore’s fluid vocals and guitar bring !BlurMyEyes to conclusion on a note that feels hopeful and serene.

!BlurMyEyes was recorded and mixed by Roche during stays in Nashville, Los Angeles and Brooklyn, and was mastered by Paul Oldham of PALACE. Roche will tour behind the EP’s release in August. Roche also currently has a self-titled, limited-edition 7″ out ft. “Cyclocardoray” and “Synthessiah,” a collaboration with Shahzad Ismaily on French label La Station Radar.

"…the composer successfully blends the realms of classical and folk in an avant-garde mix of pure, unadulterated noise, and the choice orchestration sources a sort of apprehensive magic that enables this record to stand alone in character" (MUSO).


  1. Death Is All Around

  2. Etude

  3. Trash

  4. Wafflehouse

  5. !BlurMyEyes

  6. Cyclocardoray