Alula Caroline Davis



release date: February 15, 2019

release date: February 15, 2019

Alula is from Brooklyn-based composer Caroline Davis. The record is available exclusively through New Amsterdam’s Bandcamp subscription as part of the Windmill Series, a new digitally-focused set of releases for subscribers in addition to our existing release schedule.

Formed in Brooklyn in 2016, Alula was born out of several duo performances between Caroline Davis and Gregory Saunier. Internal monologues resulted in the addition of pianist/keyboardist Matt Mitchell, who Davis has worked with in other contexts. Alula’s debut album features original pieces by Davis, whole-heartedly motivated by the study of an anterior digit on a bird’s wing. The alula wing functions as a locomotive during flight and landing, and has specific rhythmic functions, which is of central concern on this self-titled album.

Recorded at Figure 8 (Brooklyn NY), Dec. 14 2017 by Sam Owens

Edited by Connor Grant

Mixed and Mastered by Gregory Saunier

Produced by Caroline Davis

Artwork by Robert Pollard

Design and Layout by Audible Paint

Caroline Davis / alto saxophone, voice

Matt Mitchell / Prophet 6 Synthesizer, Modular Synth, ARP synthesizer

Gregory Saunier / drums, percussion, voice

Track listing:

  1. Alula 3:58

  2. Flight 3:18

  3. Wingbeat 3:02

  4. Remiges 6:53

  5. Scapulars 4:56

  6. Lift 1:34

  7. Coverts 3:56

  8. Vortex Generator 4:57

  9. Purrs 1:04

  10. Landing 4:20

  11. alulA 1:12

On an edifying flight through universe #99, our bodies forward motioning, weaving, dealing, scheming, teaming—we fall. Time and Time Again, we are rescued by essences we dare not translate, but feel. “They are real,” we pontificate, and fear sets in. We depend on these essences? Why yes, it’s true. Open space::run like the wind// jump//fly////our freedom(s) demand that we try until we make it aerial. We are soaring.