All Material Anawan



release date: October 8, 2013

release date: October 8, 2013

All Material is debut recording from Trevor Wilson and Vocal Ensemble, introducing the group’s stunning vocal harmonies and Wilson’s adventurous, compellingly complex emotional songcraft. Consisting of five singers — male and female — and spare instrumentation including nylon-string guitar, keyboards, and digital effects, the ensemble — often known as TWVE — is a tight-knit group of friends that met while attending Bennington College. Recorded in-house by Wilson, the album has shades of Meredith Monk (for whom Wilson worked), Björk, and Dirty Projectors, while still feeling unique and determined. The album comes beautifully packaged in a limited-edition 12″ vinyl release featuring hand-stenciled artwork in a cardboard stock sleeve.

The music of Trevor Wilson and Vocal Ensemble has been described by the Portland Phoenix as, “…utterly unique… just as difficult and noble as his mentor (Monk).” Joe Holt, co-founder of Bandcamp, describes it as “Difficult. Genius. Your grandchildren will call this pop music.

More info about Trevor Wilson and his group can be found here. And check out a video for “I’m the Only One” from All Material here — filmed at Mark’s Pizzeria in Red Hook, Brooklyn.


  1. Old Hands Sad Arms

  2. Straight Me

  3. I Have Taken To Old Men

  4. I’m The Only One

  5. Mary Magdalene

  6. Soil Song

  7. I’ve Begun to Flower

  8. Dotery

  9. See You Weigh You

  10. I See The Pain

  11. All Material