AGENCY David T. Little



release date: July 12, 2019

release date: July 12, 2019

David T. Little’s AGENCY features the world premiere recording of the work for string quartet and electronics, which The New York Times calls “forthright, visceral, bloody, with the intimacy and polish of a classical chamber ensemble but bulging with the loud, reverberant sweatiness of rock.” Performed by “contemporary music dynamos” (NPR) American Contemporary Music Ensemble—with special guests, the Grammy-winning Third Coast Percussion, Andrew McKenna Lee (The Knells), and Julian Day—AGENCY is a journey into the nature of truth, rooted in the tension between ancient faith-based cultures and modern information-based societies. Using the language and tactics of espionage, AGENCY is riddled with secret messages, ciphers, and redactions. Illuminating our need to find truth, but suggesting that the truth might be.

Track listing:

ACT I: γένεσις

(1) I. Uluru Rising

a. Yulara / In the Dreamtime

b. Cipher 1: Coordinates I

c. Cipher 2: Negative Cartography

(2) II: Auscannzukus Rising

a. Constructions

b. Cipher 3: Coordinates II

c. Cipher 4: Complicitous Lists 

d. Cipher 5: No Way In


(3) III: A Quiet Song of Secret Lessons (Cipher 6 [Log 324]) 

ACT II: ἀποκάλυψις

(4) IV: Leviathan Rising and The All-Seeing Eye 

a. Introduction / Early Warnings

b. Cipher 7.1: Fact/Fiction (Beneath)

c. Cipher 8.1: Ben, Then (Above)

d. Cipher 7.2: Fact/Fiction (Beneath)

e. Cipher 8.2: Ben, Then (Above)

f. Cipher 8.3: (O)GOD(O)GOD(O)GOD (Orwell I)

g. Cipher 9: Coordinates III

h. Yulara / In the Dreamtime (Orwell II)


Composer: David T. Little


American Contemporary Music Ensemble
Clarice Jensen, ACME Artistic Director & cello
Ben Russell, violin
Laura Lutzke, violin
Isabel Hagen, viola


Third Coast Percussion (Track 4)
Sean Connors
Robert Dillon
Peter Martin
David Skidmore


Andrew McKenna Lee, guitar, bass
Julian Day, voice
David T. Little, programming